The Process/FAQs

Our order process is designed to be user friendly! We have outlined the process below:


• Select the portrait style that best suits your pet’s personality!
• Upload your pet photo(s) using the upload button on the product page. Make sure your photos follow our photo tips section below.
• Add to cart and place your order!


• Our professional graphic artists create your one of a kind pet portrait with care and attention capturing details and ensuring that your pet looks natural on the selected design
• Our Quality Assurance team will conduct a quality check to ensure your masterpiece looks amazing

• We send a finalized draft to you for approval to ensure you are satisfied with the final result before proceeding to production!


• Take a close-up photo of your pet at eye level and appropriate light (natural outdoor light works better than flash, try to avoid bad lighting)
• Make sure your pet’s ears are within the photo frame and not cut off!

SHIPPING/PRODUCTION ESTIMATES: Our production and transit estimates vary by product/country, for a detailed breakdown please see our full shipping information breadown here

 Important note: Our team uses the exact photo that you upload on your portrait. Please make sure the angle is appropriate for the chosen template and that you are satisfied with the quality of the photo you use. Our team can correct red eye but we can not recreate the photo. Please ensure to check your email used at checkout where we will send your preview. Prompt response to previews will speed up production, if we don't hear back within 48 hours, your order will be placed into the production queue. 

Please note that the bigger the canvas size, the more of the costume will be on the canvas (i.e. our 16x24 will have the most torso, then 12x18 and 8x10 canvas will have the least torso. Our canvases are canvas wraps so a portion of the bottom and edges on the preview will be wrapped around the border. 

Previews: You will receive a preview for your approval and can request modifications if you like. Please note that orders are not placed into production until they are approved, so if you are happy with your customization, please make sure to hit the approve button at your earliest convenience. Once an order is approved, it is placed into production and we can no longer make modifications. While most orders will be sent for approval within 24 hours, please note that during busy periods around holidays this can vary and is not a guarantee, however generally our customization time does not vary by more than 1-2 days.

Free Customizations or previews: Please note that a large part of our work comes from the time spent by our digital illustrators creating your customization, therefore we can not do customizations for free. Although we have 1000s of happy customers and always will make modifications to make things right if for whatever reason you would like a modification, we can not do work for free and then decide if you would like to pay for it. If you are unsure if you want a canvas or another physical product, feel free to order a digital portrait for 19.95 and then you can upgrade if you would like =)